Recent research conducted by Veridata Insights and Clarafy Research sheds new light on issues around mental health.

Published in Quirks, the research offers clues on how society can improve the situation and on how market researchers can navigate sensitive topics.

Mental health remains a major issue in American life. Many issues arise but even more questions and seeming contradictions emerge:

  • Most recognize it to be a major issue in society; few want to talk about it.
  • Many want to utilize mental health therapy; relatively few actually do.
  • Despite more attention paid to suicide prevention post-pandemic, suicide rates reached a record high in 2022, now averaging close to 50,000 deaths per year.

As an industry and a society, the better we can understand the topic of mental health, the better equipped we can be to help address the issue and potentially save lives. Through further studies, market researchers can contribute to uncovering actionable insights to make a positive change. The simple act of asking a question allows us to offer help. In our survey, we reminded respondents about the new 988 national hotline to help support those who are having suicidal thoughts.

Read the full Quirks article here.