Proprietary Technology

At Veridata Insights we are tech, service, and creative sampling. Our market research agency leverages custom-built cutting-edge technology to consistently deliver data of the highest quality with efficiency, accuracy, and speed.

Our market research agency utilizes advanced IT-level security that’s globally compliant. And you can have peace of mind since our proprietary technology had 100% reliability with zero downtime in 2023.

Some of the attributes of our market research agency’s proprietary tech include:

  • Topic Qualification Screening
    Participants are thoroughly vetted to ensure they are the best fit

  • User Optimized
    Provides an enhance user experience respecting people’s time and valuing their participation

  • Hard & Soft Caps Utilized
    Based on industry standards or by our client’s request, hard and soft caps per source are utilized for all ad-hoc surveys and brand trackers

  • Speedy Sample Routing
    Sample routing is integrated with an ever-growing list of vetted, high- quality partners

  • Built-In Reporting
    Built-in ad-hoc and scheduled reporting ensures the highest level of quality control