QUantitative Marketing Research

When it comes to quantitative marketing research, nothing is too urgent, too small, too large, or too complex. Our experienced team thrives on out of the box thinking. 30% of our B2B, healthcare, or consumer research surveys include multi-source recruitment.

Some of our quantitative marketing research capabilities for B2B, healthcare, or consumer research include:

  • Statistical Analysis
    Conjoint, MaxDiff, TURF, Simulators, Van Westendorp Segmentation Algorithm & Correspondence Mapping

  • Multi-Source Recruitment
    Proprietary Panel, Veridata Media, Vetted Partner Network, Social Media, Trade Lists, Blogs, Specialized Communities, Phone & In-Person Intercepts

  • Audiences
    Farmers, Teachers, Blue Collar Workers, Enterprise Executives, High Net Worth Individuals, Sound Engineers, Allergy Sufferers & More

  • Offerings
    Ad Effectiveness, Brand Studies, Brand Trackers, Concept Testing, IHUTS, Media Attribution & Political Polling

  • International Reach
    120+ Countries & Counting


From questionnaire design to analysis and reporting, we take a holistic approach to ensure marketing research success so that our clients can make crucial decisions.