Quality Participants for Your Research Projects

Finding the right audience means having a solid understanding of the methodology needed to accomplish your research objectives. Veridata Insights treats quantitative and qualitative participants differently to ensure real data our clients can trust to make crucial and tangible decisions! With reach in over 100 countries worldwide, we’ve got you covered!

Quantitative Recruitment

Recruitment is managed through Veridata Media, an omni-channel, vertically agnostic network of pre-approved and verified recruitment sources that follow an extensive vetting process, ensuring insightful, intelligent participants for our clients’ research. Veridata Insights understands the importance of maintaining a diversified recruitment network and incentive model to find and engage people on their terms. This includes social media, phone, face to face recruitment as well as our proprietary panel, Bizknowledge. The BizKnowledge panel is designed to be demographically and geographically representative in the United States. All members are double-opt in to ensure high quality and real responses. BizKnowledge collects 2,500 profiling attributes to target needle-in-the-haystack audiences.

Data Quality and Compliance

  • Email Verification
  • Digital Fingerprinting
  • Geo-IP Flagging
  • AI Analysis on Open-End Text Questions
  • Logical Inconsistencies
  • GDPR and CCPA Compliant
  • ISO Compliant
  • Real-Time Validation
  • LinkedIn Validation
  • Phone Validation
  • List Matching

Quantitative Audiences

Qualitative Recruitment

In a global market, creativity is one of the most important tools you can have to find the right research participant. Our experienced qualitative team specializes at being comfortable with “out of the box” thinking. Whether your goal is to innovate or inspire, Veridata Insights’ ability to reach needle-in-the-haystack audiences is paramount to the success of your research.

Qualitative Audiences