Creative Recruitment, Articulate Participants, Experienced Moderators, Accountable Scheduling and Flexible Project Management

“No” isn’t an answer; it’s an excuse!

In a global market, creativity is one of the most important tools, and our experienced qualitative team specializes at being comfortable with “out of the box” thinking. Whether your goal is to innovate or inspire, Veridata Insights’ ability to reach needle-in-the-haystack audiences is paramount to the success of your research!

Qualitative Methodologies

  • IDI’s
  • Longitudinal Studies
  • Online B2B Communities
  • Online B2C Communities
  • Online Bulletin Boards
  • Online Focus Groups
  • Video Calls

Qualitative Offerings

  • Discussion Guide and/or Recruitment Screener Consultation or Design

  • English Transcriptions Top Lines
  • Full Analysis
  • Moderation in Multi-Languages
  • Top Lines
  • Translations

Qualitative Audiences