Case Study: Qualitative Study on YouTubers

Read The Full Case Study Here A well-known market research firm sought the services of Veridata Insights to help recruit an audience they were finding challenging. The client needed to recruit 100 YouTube content creators and influencers for a phone interview, and they were working to a tight deadline. Veridata Insights’ Qualitative Research Division has grown [Read More]

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Video: Veridata Insights’ Full Flexible-Service

With Veridata Insights’ Full Flexible-Service we can do as much or as little as you need. Here is how our process works:   1 Consultation & Design 2 Methodology 3 Survey Review 4 Programming 5 Data Collection 6 Data Processing & Coding 7 Reporting, Analytics & Data Visualization   Nothing is too small, too large, or [Read More]

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Case Study: Quantitative Research on Content Creators

Read The Full Case Study Here A client called on the help of Veridata Insights to recruit a social media audience. The client was in need of 500 influencers and content creators to take part in a quantitative study. Each participant needed to have at least 1,000 followers of their social media account, and this project [Read More]

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Video: Veridata Insights’ Panel & Global Reach

Veridata Insights’ B2B, B2C, and Healthcare Panel was created with our clients in mind. BizKnowledge is an online community of intelligent and articulate members that actively share their views to provide our clients with thought-provoking actionable insights.   1,000 Consumer Audiences Panel Attributes 1,000 Professional Audiences Panel Attributes 400 Healthcare Audiences Panel Attributes   Veridata Insights [Read More]

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Video: Veridata Insights’ Data Quality

Veridata Insights provides thoughtful participation with genuine & accurate responses.   Leveraging the latest technology, our data quality measures include: 3 Intelligent Data Quality Layers 40+ Forensic Detection Markers AI Analysis of Open-End Text Questions Auto-Translation Detection Digital Fingerprinting Encryption to Tamper-Proof Links Logical Inconsistencies Geo-IP Flagging In-Depth Forensic Analysis Invisible reCAPTCHA ISO, GDPR & All [Read More]

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Video: We Are Tech, Service, And Creative Sampling

At Veridata Insights, we are tech, service, and creative sampling. Utilizing proprietary technology, the experienced Veridata Insights team provides: Data processing and automated reporting Global reach of B2C, B2B, and Healthcare audiences Qualitative and Quantitative services Survey Programming, and Custom Dashboards.   Designed by industry experts, Veridata Insights’ proprietary project management system tracks all participant sourcing [Read More]

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Video: A Fast, Flexible, Full-Service Solution For Hard-to-Reach Audiences

At Veridata Insights, we don’t need to think outside of the box, because there isn’t one with us. We build our proposal by listening to your needs.   Here is what sets us apart: Hard-to-Reach Audiences Including B2B, B2C, and Healthcare International Sourcing Across The Globe Multi-Source Recruitment Methodologies Sample Launch in Under an Hour Unparalleled Quality of Data and Accuracy of Responses Quantitative [Read More]

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Video: Veridata Insights Company Overview & 2023 Highlights

Veridata Insights are here to deliver your research needs on time, on budget, and stress-free. We collaborate with clients worldwide to find the best research methodologies necessary to deliver high-quality data they can trust, knowing their research needs will be creatively developed and well executed, no matter the scope. From quick-turn online surveys to complex, qualitative international audiences, our [Read More]

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Veridata Insights Welcomes Heather White as Chief Panel Officer

It's with great pleasure that Veridata Insights can announce that Heather White has joined the team as Chief Panel Officer. Heather brings years of industry experience to the role. She was an early employee of e-Rewards (previously known as Research Now) in 2001, where she held the positions of Senior Director of Partnership Marketing, and then [Read More]

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Celebrating 5 Years of Veridata Insights

We are delighted to announce that Veridata Insights is celebrating our 5-year anniversary. As we reflect on this milestone, we are filled with gratitude for the incredible journey we've had and for the partnerships we've built. We want to take this opportunity to extend our heartfelt thanks to you for your continued trust, support, and collaboration. [Read More]

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