SampleTap – Veridata Insights’ Proprietary Project Management System

At Veridata Insights, we are tech, service, and creative sampling! Designed by industry experts, Veridata Insights’ proprietary project management system,  SampleTap, tracks all participant sourcing at the individual survey level to ensure source consistency. SampleTap provides seamless survey integrations with quota management based on screener answers, tickets, and/or tokens. It utilizes a built-in standard screening library [Read More]

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Help For Job Seekers Within The Marketing Research Industry

Jobseekers, the Insights Association is here to support you! If you are currently a jobseeker within the marketing research industry, you can take advantage of a complementary Insights Association membership. With 6 regional chapters in the US and a Canadian chapter, the IA provides superb education and networking opportunities, conferences, webinars, and social activities. Being an [Read More]

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Case Study: Delivering Exceptional Qualitative Service

At Veridata Insights, we deliver the right people for your qualitative or quantitative research studies. Veridata Insights can zig and zag with you by providing reliable, consistent, and creative global data collection services so that you can focus on doing what you do best. We understand that circumstances change and priorities shift, and it is our [Read More]

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Veridata Research Published in Quirks – Improving Access to Mental Health

Recent research conducted by Veridata Insights and Clarafy Research sheds new light on issues around mental health. Published in Quirks, the research offers clues on how society can improve the situation and on how market researchers can navigate sensitive topics. Mental health remains a major issue in American life. Many issues arise but even more questions [Read More]

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Veridata Insights Appoints Justin Wilbur as Chief Revenue Officer

Veridata Insights is thrilled to announce the appointment of Justin Wilbur as Chief Revenue Officer (CRO). The announcement comes on the back of another momentous year for the global data collection company, that saw the fast-growing organization add 15 new team members to their headcount. In this key leadership role, Justin will spearhead the company's revenue [Read More]

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Supporting the WIRe Global Scholarship Fund

Veridata Insights are proud to support the Women in Research (WIRe) Global Scholarship Fund. WIRe is a global network that works to advance the contribution and the voice of women in research, both for themselves and for the greater good of the market research industry.  WIRe helps provide women with the tools to develop professionally, build [Read More]

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Ghostbusting “Ghost Completes”

Not to be mistaken for something involving paranormal activity, a “Ghost Complete” occurs in market research when a fraudster finds a way to obtain the survey incentive without taking the survey. They usually do this by managing to uncover the survey completion redirect link on an online survey platform so to redeem the reward, resulting in [Read More]

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Thank You for an Incredible 2023

2023 has been another incredible year for Veridata Insights, but we couldn't have done it without you! A huge thank you to our clients, partners, colleagues, associates, friends, and family for your continuing support. We look forward to working together to make 2024 another extraordinary year of endless possibilities! Here are some of our highlights from [Read More]

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Case Study: Using Efficiency & Flexibility to Deliver a Speedy Service

Veridata Insights consists of a team of highly skilled and experienced marketing research experts. It is our knowledge and expertise, combined with our passion for delighting our clients, that allows us to provide the highest level of service. Not only priding ourselves on our creative solutions, it is our efficiency and flexibility that enables us to [Read More]

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Case Study: Veridata Insights Are B2B Recruitment Experts

When it comes to market research recruitment for difficult target audiences, Veridata Insights are your go-to option! A client came to us after struggling to recruit a very niche B2B target audience for a qualitative research study. The client was in need of 150 tire store service center IT decision makers from across the US to [Read More]

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