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At Veridata Insights we go the extra mile for our clients, and we wanted to share a case study to illustrate that.

A client came to us with what they described as a “crisis” project that they needed completing urgently. It was a Friday night before a holiday weekend. Time was of the essence.

The client needed to recruit for four focus groups, each consisting of needle in a haystack audiences, including Opinion Leaders and Financial Elites.

Each focus group needed six people, so the client was after 24 very niche recruits in total. And we only had the weekend and Monday to get them!

With not a moment to lose, the Veridata Team sprang into action. Though experienced, agile, and nimble, our team knew that with this drop of a hat project we had our work cut out for us. Thinking fast and making decisions on the fly, the team was determined to succeed.

The hard work paid off. On Saturday morning we got the approval from the client. By Sunday we had filled half the required recruits. By Monday we had the remaining 12 recruits, and our work was done!

Our client was both delighted and shocked that we had managed to achieve what seemed impossible. And our team was pleased to have successfully delivered what our client needed.

At Veridata Insights, we believe “no” isn’t an answer, it’s an excuse. From quick, quantitative surveys to complex, qualitative audiences, our clients come to Veridata insights for peace of mind, knowing their research needs will be creatively developed and well executed no matter the scope.