Veridata Insights are incredibly excited to announce the official opening of our office in Bulgaria.

Placing the company within the European Union, the Bulgarian office will aid Veridata in continuing to serve our European clientele, while of course continuing to cater to our North American clients.

We are delighted to have experienced such rapid growth globally, helped in part by the opening of our United Kingdom office in 2022.

For years now, Veridata has enjoyed the services of our team members based in Bulgaria, and this new development will strengthen our bond and support further ongoing and fruitful growth.

The future is looking brighter than bright as Veridata grows and excels within North America, Europe, and worldwide.

From quick, quantitative surveys to complex, qualitative audiences, our clients come to Veridata insights for peace of mind, knowing their research needs will be creatively developed and well executed no matter the scope.

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