This case study highlights Veridata Insights’ in-depth Qualitative Research capabilities that deliver intelligent and actionable insights for our clients.

Veridata took to three focus groups representing women from a full spectrum of industries, experiences, and generations. Throughout this study, we explored the modern workplace, with the goal of answering one provocative question:
Working from Home provides women more opportunity for flexibility, mental wellness, and inclusion—or does it?

Covid forced us to utilize modern technology to continue to conduct business, in a world where we could no longer go into places of business or meet with our colleagues, where travel was taboo. Covid introduced a whole new set of norms, and tools.

Now we are in a post-Covid world, and one question arises among all others – do we go back, or do we move forward? Do we go back to the way things were, to the office and the meetings and the travel? Or do we move forward, holding onto our new tools and processes, and create a new norm, one that offers the enhanced flexibility and productivity, while also providing a stronger work-life balance? Does such a utopia even exist—can it?

And the answers were resounding!

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Veridata Qualitative Case Study