The future of renewable energy is bright as more and more emphasis is placed on trying to combat climate change. The issues of global warming and climate change are continuing to gather attention, as we are continuing to see the consequences they have on the planet. Draughts, flooding, rising ocean levels, and a loss of wildlife are just some of the effects of climate change that we are experiencing.

In an attempt to help minimize climate change and the damaging impact it is having on the environment, efforts are being made to focus less on the use of fossil fuels in favor of greener alternatives. It might be some time before we are able to make do without using fossil fuels like oil and gas completely. But progress is being made toward transitioning to using cleaner renewable energy sources.

In this post, Veridata Insights takes a look at some of the popular types of renewable energy.


Wind Energy – wind turbines are used to generate electricity.


Marine Energy – uses wave power and tidal power.


Solar Energy – sunlight is converted into energy.


Hydropower Energy – flowing water is used to generate electricity.


Geothermal Energy – uses heat produced in the Earth’s core.


Hydrogen Energy – hydrogen is burned as fuel.


Bioenergy – biomass, like plants, are used to generate energy.


These are just some of the popular types of renewable energy available as a substitute to fossil fuels, though the field of renewable energy is rapidly evolving, and the future is looking bright…and green!


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