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Designed by industry experts, Veridata Insights’ proprietary project management system,  SampleTap, tracks all participant sourcing at the individual survey level to ensure source consistency.

SampleTap provides seamless survey integrations with quota management based on screener answers, tickets, and/or tokens.

It utilizes a built-in standard screening library with the capability to add ad-hoc screeners.

Some of the features of SampleTap include:

  • Built-in ad-hoc and scheduled reporting ensures the highest level of quality control
  • Sample routing is integrated with an ever-growing list of multiple quality/security partners
  • Each source can be identified by unique IDs within the survey data
  • Based on industry standards or by our client’s request, hard and soft caps per source are utilized for all ad-hoc surveys and brand trackers
  • Fast routing with respondents never stuck staring at a loading icon
  • Secure IT-level security with zero downtime in 2023


From quick-turn online surveys to complex, qualitative international audiences, our clients come to Veridata Insights for peace of mind. Our experienced team offers a wide range of services with no project minimums, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

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