Veridata Insights is proud to support Baal Dan Charities.

Baal Dan Charities was formed to support the basic needs and social welfare of impoverished and vulnerable children in developing and emerging countries.

Baal Dan provide grants to grassroots projects such as orphanages, schools, centers, and social workers that help vulnerable children including orphans, children with special needs, street children, victims of abuse or violence, refugees, and children living in extreme poverty.

Nearly every dollar donated goes directly to grassroots organizations that help vulnerable children.

Baan Dal funds:

  •  sustainable food programs to ensure good nutrition – especially protein-rich foods – for children who are malnourished or under-nourished.
  • the sponsorship of education (pre-k and elementary school) through the provision of school fees, sponsorships, or school support.
  • essential needs – from toilets, to clean water filters or wells, to classroom supplies or equipment for children with special needs.

To donate or to learn more about Baal Dan, visit their website.