Sales process for Impact

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Our CEO recently had the privilege of leading a webinar for the New York Insights Association Chapter entitled, “Sales Process for Impact”. It was a great opportunity to remind all of us that building relationships is, yes, a process, and, yes, a numbers game; but in the end, we are all just people and if you remember that, you’ll be a sales pro. Always place your prospect’s interest above your own, and you will end with a WIN for the client a WIN for the company and a WIN for you!

Below is a quick recap of the webinar. Please reach out to Jami directly at if you would like a copy of the full presentation.

  • Keep in mind everyone has a professional and personal side, which will affect the way they do business and build relationships. Do your research and know who you are talking to.
    • Always be Closing is an important part of sales. Don’t expect the business if you don’t ask for it, but that just doesn’t cut it as a standalone in 2020.
  • Always be LISTENING.
  • Always be LEARNING.
  • Always be RESPECTFUL!
  • Approach the relationship from the side of the prospect or client. How can you make their life easier? Add value to the organization? Make them look good, forget about yourself.
  • Track every step of the process within the sales funnel and know where you need to improve or try something different. Not every tactic will work with every personality- change things if you need to. It’s about providing a value to your client on their terms!
  • Set Goals. Sales is a numbers game but without the right strategy, you will never get results. Are you making enough phone calls, using LinkedIn efficiently, calling the right companies and contacts? Do you understand the decision-making process within the organization?
  • Always have a plan for tomorrow before you leave today.
    • How many calls are you going to make?
    • Who are you going to call?

Above all else, remember to have fun with it! Building relationships is an opportunity to develop solutions, increase your network, continue to learn, and find interesting people.

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