Announcing Veridata Insights

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Recently-formed Texas-based data collection firm Veridata Insights has launched an automated project platform covering the research process from sampling through to dashboards and analytics.

The company was founded in July by Tom Littlejohn, previously of Critical Mix and Cint, and former Critical Mix, eRewards and ResearchNow employee Jami Pulley, and works in both B2C and B2B research. The new automated project platform provides a one-stop solution for internal functions like employee onboarding and accounting, as well as all stages of a research project.

‘Our clients are living in the midst of a data revolution where insights and action are possible at an unprecedented rate, but they don’t have enough time to really dig deep into its benefits’ says Littlejohn (right). Pulley (pictured left) comments: ‘From our standpoint, there is no difference between employee success and customer success. The highest level of service is achieved when those two ideals become inseparable. We are thrilled to finally have a company that empowers employees to support the customers with high touch, high value and meaningful communication through our platform’.

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