At Veridata Insights, our data quality and fraud prevention measures are ever evolving.

Our data quality processes are continuously advancing in line with modern technology, keeping us one step ahead nefarious survey takers!

  • We have introduced new Forensic Markers for Virtual Machine Detection.
  • And we have improved our Secure Access Service Edge (SASE) Detection so to assess risk and eliminate false positives.
  • Our Domain Reputation has advanced so that risk score is adjusted according to a domain’s behavioral reputation.
  • Measures for Detecting Anti-Fingerprinting Virtual Browsers, and Bot and Fraud Detection Evasion have also continued to be enhanced.
  • We utilize Real-Time Score Fluctuation Behavioral Detection, with bad behavior feedback and duplication reasons to enable smarter re-entry decision-making.
  • New Bot Detecting and Masking Techniques continue to be introduced, including new Data Points to enhance Resistance and Tampering Detection, and additional Oscillation Techniques.
  • Furthermore, we build encryption into our links to tamper-proof them and to prevent “Ghost Completes” (someone bypassing the survey to obtain the reward link), ensuring that we stop fraudsters in their tracks.


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