When it comes to market research recruitment for difficult target audiences, Veridata Insights are your go-to option!

A client came to us after struggling to recruit a very niche B2B target audience for a qualitative research study. The client was in need of 150 tire store service center IT decision makers from across the US to take part in a 30-minute online video interview. Having been let down by a previous data collection partner, the client sought the services of Veridata Insights after hearing of our reputation for data quality.

The Veridata team were quick off the mark, working with the speed and flexibility that has come to be expected of us. We promptly soft launched, and the Veridata team were quick to realize flaws in the client’s survey design that, with the client’s approval, we applied our expertise to resolve.

Fully launching, the Veridata team kept close communication with the client throughout, delivering prompt fielding updates and being quick to respond and react.

Delighting the client with our lightning speed, with our excellent customer service, and with the high quality of the data, we succeeded in closing the project 14 days ahead of schedule!

Our client had these kind words to say:

“Veridata Insights Team did an OUTSTANDING JOB! The verbatims were some of the best we have seen.”


At Veridata Insights, we are recruitment experts for B2B, Healthcare, B2C, and hard-to-reach audiences. We offer an unparalleled service providing data of the highest quality.

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