Veridata Insights consists of a team of highly skilled and experienced marketing research experts. It is our knowledge and expertise, combined with our passion for delighting our clients, that allows us to provide the highest level of service.

Not only priding ourselves on our creative solutions, it is our efficiency and flexibility that enables us to provide a fast and speedy service to our clients when they need it the most.

To provide a case study that illustrates this perfectly, is how a client approached Veridata Insights in need of assistance with a quantitative research project.

The client initially needed to recruit a very niche target audience to participate in a survey, and they were having great difficulties doing so. The Veridata Team did what they do best! Utilizing Veridata’s proprietary and validated panel, as well as using our verified partners, Veridata swiftly filled the quota.

But Veridata’s assistance didn’t end there. The client initially attempted to perform the survey programming themselves, but after two days of hardship they found themselves stuck and running behind schedule. The Veridata team came to the rescue, and much to the client’s surprise and joy, efficiently and excellently completed the programming within only a couple of hours!

The grateful client has these kind words to say:

“Thank you so much for the incredibly fast turnaround on this survey. Everything looks great! We are ready to launch today! Again, we are grateful for the help with programming this so quickly.”

Clients come to Veridata Insights for peace of mind, knowing their research needs will be creatively developed and well executed no matter the scope. We have years of industry experience and pride ourselves on creative solutions for complex projects. Send us your crazy proposals and we’ll show you what we can do.

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