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We would like to share a case study to highlight why it is important to always keep customer service at your core.

Veridata Insights closed a study for a client where we had scoped out a custom dashboard build. The dashboard was phenomenal, and building custom dashboards is a skill we are proud of.

During our initial discussions with the client a custom dashboard seemed the most appropriate solution for them. The study would span multiple international markets, and the C-suite would take interest in specific key points along the way.

However, the scope of the project progressed prior to launch.

Though we had planned on using the dashboard, we came to realize that this would no longer be the most appropriate option for the client.

Dashboards are a great tool for longitudinal studies. They are excellent for tracking and building upon data so to compare results over time. Dashboards allow you to disseminate results across multiple stakeholders with different points of interests and levels of expertise. They are clearly a lot more practical than trying to share a PowerPoint or pdf!

However, our client’s project evolved to such a specific focus that there no longer was a need to create a dashboard with so many options to view the data. Ultimately a TURF Analysis and a TURF Simulator became the logical choice. And for the client, this would also be the less expensive choice.

Rather than jumping in with the most extravagant solution, we took the time to listen and fully understand our client’s needs to provide them with the solution best suited to them.

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