In business there might not be a harder question to answer than that of which you put first, your employees or your customers. It goes without saying that both are of fundamental importance to the success of any business.  And there may be a debate to be had as to whether we should have to choose one over the other. 


There are no doubt organizations that have succeeded in finding a happy balance where neither their customers nor their employees are prioritized over the other, which is an ideal situation. But for arguments sake, if you were forced to prioritize one which would you choose? 


To choose to place emphasis on your customers first and foremost certainly has logic to it. After all, it is the customers that pay the bills and pay the wages. Without having customers, you wouldn’t have a business. And those that favor their customers over their employees might argue that staff are always replaceable. 


But those inclined to prioritize their employees may very well make the same argument that customers are always replaceable too! Of course, there are more substantial arguments favoring employees first. There is the fact that it is the people that are the substance of any business, and it is the people that will deliver the service to the customer. Employees essentially form the face and brand of any organization, for it is the employees that interact with and deliver the experience to the customer. 


For employees to do an excellent job at acting as ambassadors for your organization, and providing a high level of service to customers, firstly, you need to have hired the right people. Additionally, to get the most out of your employees you need them to be happy and satisfied. This adds weight to the argument that if you look after your employees, then it is your employees that will look after your customers. Thus, suggesting that your employees should be put first before your customers. 


Both customers and employees are of the upmost significance to the success of any organization. Perhaps it really isn’t possible to prioritize one over the other, for they are equally important. 


But if you had to choose one over the other, which would you choose? 

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