We wanted to give you quick overview of how Veridata Insights came into existence and to tell you what our company stands for.

Veridata Insights was formed in 2019 by two marketing research industry veterans. Sharing an unwavering core belief that clients deserve the highest level of customer service, Jami Pulley and Tom Littlejohn set out to create the best online panel and recruitment network in the industry.

Leveraging their market research knowledge and experience, Jami and Tom had their own ideas of how to build a company, how to treat employees and to build successful teams, how to build and maintain a panel, and how to treat clients to provide the highest level of service.

Furthermore, Jami and Tom identified and understood the need for a flexible and nimble service that could utilize creativity to cater to even the most complex of clients’ needs.

Built on these core values, Veridata Insights was born.

We describe ourselves as insightful humans for human insights. Complex problems require sophisticated solutions born from true partnership and collaboration. We work together with our clients to grow, to thrive, for success, and above all else, to Be Good Humans.

Veridata Insights is a data collection company and validated global panel delivering your research needs on time, on budget, and stress-free.

Recruitment experts for B2B, Healthcare, Consumer, and Hard-to-Reach Audiences, our clients come to us knowing their Qualitative and Quantitative Research needs will be creatively developed and well executed no matter the scope.

From Recruitment to Survey Programming, and from Data Processing to Dashboards, Visualization, and Data Monetization, our experienced team provides you with the quality data you trust, and the flexible service you need.

Connect with Veridata Insights today to discuss our service or request a personalized demonstration.