At Veridata Insights, we offer our clients a fully flexible service with no project minimums. And we operate 7 days a week, 365 days a year!

We take pride in our client-first mentality and being easy to work with.

Take a look at how our market research process works.


1 Consultation

  • Veridata Insights collaborates with every client to discuss and identify your market research needs, including specific fielding and programming requirements and questions.


2 Survey Review

  • We develop the right quality assurance checks for your research.
  • Our veteran programming team will provide suggestions on survey design concerns and consult on any leading questions that could result in participant bias.
  • We will advise on implementing red herrings to minimize low engagement and undesired survey taking behavior.
  • The Veridata Insights team reviews the finalized questionnaire.


3 Programming

  • Once the questionnaire is finalized, the Veridata Insights team will begin programming.
  • After the survey is programmed, an internal QA is performed to ensure the correct logic and visual aesthetics are in place.
  • The survey test link is sent to the client for review.
  • A second pre-launch QA and data check is performed before launch.


4 Data Collection

  • After final QA is performed, the Veridata Insights team will soft launch for the client to review.
  • Once soft launch approval is received, the Veridata Insights team will full launch and provide fielding updates based on client preferences.
  • Data files are delivered based on the client’s preference and can accommodate Excel, SPSS, and other formats.


5 Analysis, Visualization, and Custom Dashboards

  • Veridata Insights’ team of data scientists provide the right analysis solutions to meet the client’s needs.
  • Driver Analysis – correlation, regression, structural equation modeling
  • Segmentation – cluster analysis, CHAID/CaRT, latent class modeling
  • Crosstabulations – banner tables, identifying relevant differences.
  • From regressions and sequencing, TURF Analysis and Simulators, or custom dashboards for intelligence in real time, we provide the appropriate visualization solutions.


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