At Veridata Insights, we take our data quality seriously!

In our industry, the value provided to clients will always be subject to the quality and integrity of the data provided.

Only through accurate, relevant, and trustworthy data can insights be obtained to drive your organization forward.

For this reason, we apply the knowledge and experience of experts and invest heavily in technology so to implement the highest data quality measures in the industry.


At Veridata Insights, we utilize The Fence – a triple-layered line of defense.

The Fence Data Quality

Utilizing advanced cutting-edge technology, The Fence applies three layers of intelligent data quality measures to provide the highest level of safeguarding standards. The Fence ensures that only validated and verified individuals may participate in each survey, and that only accurate, complete, and reliable data is obtained. The Fence provides complete peace of mind that you receive quality data you can trust.


The Fence is specifically designed to detect and prevent a wide range of fraud, including:

  • Bots
  • Automated Behavior
  • Emulators and Simulators
  • Residential Proxies
  • Data Centers
  • TOR
  • Dark Web
  • Location and Browser Spoofing
  • Device/ Account Duplication
  • Bad Behavior across our platform and other platforms within our network
  • Device Oscillation and Velocity

Data Quality measures that The Fence implements:

  • Email and Phone Verification
  • Geo-IP Flagging
  • AI Analysis on Open-End Questions
  • Logical Inconsistencies
  • List Matching
  • Digital Fingerprinting
  • Real-Time Validation
  • Double Opt-in Validation
  • Red Herrings


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