In a digital world, it can be tempting to rely on technology and analytics software alone to gain insights.

Through the use of technology, it is straightforward for any business to see which of their products and services are performing better. By using analytical software, you can see trends and patterns, and track sales and revenue.

Technology can also make it easier to perform an analysis on markets, industries, and sectors. You can see where your business’ performance stands in comparison to competitors within your niche.

All of this is obviously very important and very useful information to have. And by looking back on historic data, it certainly has its benefits. It allows you to attempt to predict and forecast future performance and behaviors based on past performance and behaviors. Of course, the accuracy of these predictions can vary greatly! For what happens in the past will not necessarily repeat itself.

But an important factor to remember, is what the information and insights gained from analytical software doesn’t always tell you, is the reason WHY.

We can see WHAT is happening, but it is more difficult to understand WHY it is happening. And this is where good market research shows its worth.

Through utilizing market research effectively, you can gain insights and an understanding of what the drivers of performance are, and what it is that is causing such performance and behaviors.

Technology is certainly very useful. But if we want to truly understand people’s reasoning for making the decisions that they make – their thoughts, views, opinions, preferences, likes, and dislikes, it is near impossible to achieve this outside of effective market research.

While it is great to be able to observe and track performance in real-time, there is no substitute for having the ability to make informed decisions through having a deep understanding of your customers’ driving factors.


Whether it’s quantitative or qualitative research, building quality data means having a solid understanding of the methodology needed to accomplish your research objective.

Regardless of the methodology or audience, Veridata Insights provide the full answers you need with the full service you deserve, including questionnaire design, analysis and reporting.

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