Knowing how to retain top talent is fundamental to the success of any business or organization. Employee retention is important for the longevity of an organization. After all, it’s a lot easier (and cheaper) to retain good employees as opposed to trying to recruit and then train new ones.

It is never a good sign when an organization gets branded as a “revolving door”, with high staff churn and an ever-changing array of employees. Consistency is important for creating a successful team environment. And it is helpful to have long-serving employees that have gained through their experience a deep understanding of the organization.

Because retaining top talent is of such importance, Veridata Insights has put together some helpful tips to achieve higher employee retention.


Company Culture

The culture of the workplace is very important to employees. Company culture plays a big part in retention, as well as productivity and performance too. When you create a positive culture that your employees buy into, they are a lot more likely to stay.



Giving a little praise and acknowledgement when it is due can go a long way in keeping employees. Often recognition doesn’t require a promotion or financial reward (though it can help!), as many employees feel that a little praise and acknowledgement can make all the difference.


Continued Development

Offering continued training and learning opportunities is important for improving the performance of the organization, improving the performance of employees, and for retaining talent. Additionally, employees will be motivated when they know there is a path for progression within the company.


There are many ways to help retain top talent, but taking onboard the tips mentioned above will help set you on the right track.

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