Knowing how to manage your emotions is an important life skill that we all must learn and continue to develop. Being able to manage and regulate your emotions will give you a great advantage in both your personal and in your professional life.

How we feel and how we think are very much intertwined, and it contributes greatly to our mental wellbeing and to our perception of happiness. Even though it is unlikely that we will feel happy all of the time, and we will all inevitably experience negative emotions at times, it is important for us to know how to manage these emotions.

Veridata Insights has put together some helpful tips.


Assess The Impact

Take stock of how your emotions might be negatively impacting you, whether it is with relationships, work, or by you having outbursts.


Try To Regulate But Not Repress

Remember that it isn’t healthy to try to switch off your emotions completely, or to try to sweep them under the rug.


Acknowledge Your Feelings

At times when you feel that your emotions are high, take a moment to identify what you’re feeling, why you’re feeling that way, and what actions you can take that would best serve you.


Accept Your Feelings

Rather than trying to distract yourself, or to play down your emotions, accept them. Resist the urge to react in an extreme way but accept the way that you’re feeling.


Monitor Your Stress

When you’re stressed, it is a lot harder to manage your emotions.


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