A common challenge seen in the market research sector is when trying to recruit and retain younger age groups and people of diverse ethnicities.

At Veridata Insights, we have successfully managed to conquer this obstacle through a hybrid recruitment approach involving phone and social media, that helps augment our panel (and online panel partners when required) among these hard to reach audiences.

We use a variety of tools and recruitment methodologies to make sure we hit our required quotas among gen pop, and various other groups that aren’t always well represented within online panels.

An example to highlight this is how Veridata fielded a gen pop study in the Santa Fe, NM county.  We succeeded in providing all of the gen pop completes via online panel, and augmented this approach with a social media recruitment campaign to achieve over 200 quality survey completes among unacculturated Hispanics.

While many of these diverse groups are less likely to join a panel, they are open to responding to ad hoc qualitative and quantitative research through other recruitment methodologies.

Veridata has many examples of how we ensure a balanced data file through our BizKnowledge panel, online panel partners, social media, and phone recruitment.

Our process involves firstly evaluating the research objective and audiences needed, to then develop a sample plan that fits the requirements of the project.

We’re more than just a panel company. Veridata Insights are sample experts that use out of the box thinking with our sample approach to always ensure diversity, representation, and inclusion.

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