Katie Ozdemir will be representing Veridata Insights at WIRe’s “Research Rendezvous” event in Tampa Bay.

Fittingly titled “Research Rendezvous: Cracking the Market Research Career Code”, the event provides an excellent opportunity for market research professionals to enhance their learning and to network.

Katie is delighted to be participating in the panel discussion, in which strategies for career development, growth, and upcoming industry trends will be shared.

Scheduled for 26 September 2023, the event is co-hosted by WIRe and the Insights Association South Atlantic Chapter.

Veridata Insights’ President of Global Qualitative Solutions, Katie sits on the board of the South Atlantic Chapter of the Insights Association, as well as being a member of WIRe.

Spaces for this event are limited, so be sure to register today. Get your tickets by following the link here.