The promotions just keep on coming at Veridata Insights! We are overjoyed to announce that Katie Ozdemir is now our President of Global Qualitative Solutions!

Katie has played an integral part in Veridata’s growth and success, and we are delighted for her to advance to her new role in the organization. Congratulations on a well deserved promotion!

Katie comes equipped with an abundance of experience and knowledge, making her undoubtedly the best individual for the role.

With such incredible progress being made in these early weeks of 2023, Veridata is excited to see what the rest of the year has in store!


In a global market, creativity is one of the most important tools, and our experienced qualitative team specializes at being comfortable with “out of the box” thinking. Whether your goal is to innovate or inspire, Veridata Insights’ ability to reach needle-in-the-haystack audiences is paramount to the success of your research!

Finding the right audience means having a solid understanding of the methodology needed to accomplish your research objectives. Veridata Insights treats quantitative and qualitative participants differently to ensure real data our clients can trust to make crucial and tangible decisions! With reach in over 100 countries worldwide, we’ve got you covered!

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