If you’ve ever questioned is psychometric testing reliable, you certainly aren’t alone. Psychometric testing is often a common tool used as part of the recruitment process. Many organizations require that job candidates take a psychometric test when applying for job vacancies. And the results of these tests often play a significant role in the screening of applicants and the hiring decisions made.

In this post, Veridata Insights explores if psychometric testing is reliable, and whether it really is as useful as it seems.


Remove Unconscious Bias

Psychometric testing can help by removing unconscious bias in the recruitment process. In a job interview, there may be situations where the interviewer might unknowingly disqualify a candidate despite the candidate having all of the right traits for the role.

Psychometric testing can also be beneficial in cases where candidates might not perform so well in interview situations, despite having the right skills for the job.


Results Can Fluctuate

However, psychometric tests rely on the person taking the test answering the questions honestly. A person can consciously or unconsciously alter the way they take the test by opting for the answers that they think the organization would want to hear, rather than answering authentically. The results of psychometric tests can also vary depending on the mood and energy levels of the candidate at the time of taking the test.


They Rely On Generalizations

The ability of psychometric tests to predict the capabilities and skill levels of candidates can be questioned. Psychometric tests tend to rely on broad generalizations, which may not be accurate. Therefore, psychometric tests can only ever provide an estimate of a candidate’s suitability for a role.


In questioning if psychometric testing is reliable, it is clear that the short answer is probably no.

While psychometric tests continue to be a popular tool used in recruitment processes, it is clear that they are far from being fully reliable and accurate. If psychometric tests are to be used, they should only form a small part of the recruitment process. And hiring decisions should most definitely not be made on the results of a psychometric test alone.



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