In this post, Veridata Insights provide you with some helpful tips for fitting exercise around work. We know that exercise and physical activity are important for our health and for our physical and mental wellbeing. But finding the time to fit exercise in around a busy work schedule isn’t always easy. Fear not, because Veridata Insights have some great pointers for you!


Change Your Commute

If you can leave the car behind and walk or bike to work, opt for that instead. Or if you must use the car, maybe try driving only part of the way to work and walk the rest.


Get Active In Front Of The TV

When you’re home watching TV after work, why not do a body weight workout. Or if you have an exercise bike or treadmill at home, now is the perfect time to use it.


Take A Walk On Your Lunch Break

Use your lunch break to get some fresh air and walk. You can take your lunch outside with you.


Book A Class Or Get A Workout Partner

We’re more likely to stick to an exercise routine when we’re not doing it alone. Treat your scheduled exercise session like any other appointment in your calendar and stick to it.


Fitting in exercise around a busy schedule can be a little tricky at times. But hopefully by making use of these tips, you’ll manage to find a way to give your body the physical activity it needs!


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