Managing our levels of stress and having the skills for dealing with stress at work are more important than ever. Stress levels seem to be ever increasing, and stress is definitely not good for us. It can have a damaging impact on both our mental and our physical health.

For many people, it is unfortunate to say that work is the cause of their stress. But this is why Veridata Insights put together some tips to help you deal with stress at work.


Have A Morning Routine

Many of us have hectic mornings, causing us to feel stressed before we even begin work. By having a more structured and organized morning routine you can have a better start to the day.



Speak with your supervisor to establish exactly what is expected of you at work. It can be stressful not knowing if you are doing enough or if you aren’t clear on what your requirements are.


Be Organized

Similar to having a morning routine, by being structured and organized, you will feel less stressed and you’ll have better clarity too.


Don’t Multitask

Multitasking rarely works for most people, if not all people! Focus on one task at a time and give that task your full and undivided attention. Set your phone to silent mode and mute your emails if you have to!



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