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Veridata Insights is driving a new era of insights creation with BizKnowledge at its core.   BizKnowledge is a member driven community filled with thoughtful consumer opinions and a deep knowledge network of field experts. We believe there is a powerful connection between genuine feedback and change. Our hearts are rooted in market research and we want our members to be inspired by making an impact. The BizKnowledge panel is a safe place where B2B professionals and consumers alike are free to speak their minds, share their knowledge and be a part of real change in the world. In exchange for their thoughtful and invaluable feedback, our members have access to a carefully crafted rewards platform, tailored to their specific needs.

NameNCompletes in
IT Decision Makers10,00018 days across 30 countries
Professional Contractors70010 days in the US
C-Level Executives40021 days across the US and Canada
Farmers60024 days across the US and Canada
Small Business Owners6,00012 days across 22 countries
Car Dealership Decision Makers2005 days in the US
NameNCompletes in
Speed2,500the US, balanced to census on age, gender, region and income in 24 hours
Technology800sub quotas on iwatch, Mac, iPhone and iPad in 6 days
Narrow Geographies400ABQ and Santa Fe, NM, including 100 unacculturated Hispanics in 7 days
Volume5,000month balanced to Census in the US for 12 months
Reach8,000quarterly across 6 continents and 25 countries

BizKnowledge isn’t an online panel it’s a real-world community which invites genuine feedback and allows our members to feel like they’re making an impact.  Qualitative interviews are vital to the strength of our panel.  Not only do they allow our members an in-depth way to express themselves and share their professional expertise, but they also help us actively monitor the quality of the panel and accuracy of our profiles.


In the past year as we’ve grown the BizKnowledge network, we have already conducted over 200 hours of qualitative interviewing time with our members in over 500 sessions.  We’ve spoken to audiences ranging from early tech adopters to enterprise level architects responsible for their company’s migration to the cloud. 

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quality assurance.

  • Geo-Location and VPN usage checks
  • Third party tools for digital fingerprinting
  • Global bot and bad actor identification, including retail fraud, ad-tech fraud, marketing research and beyond
  • Going Beyond: Quality is more than mere fraud detection. We move beyond the industry standard checks, leveraging a variety of qualitative and quantitative protocols to ensure that the participant is not only unique, but engaged. This is an ongoing and dynamic process, leveraging real-time data as well as passive backend checks and comprehensive feed-back loops.


respondents you want.

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