Jami Pulley

CEO and Founder

Developing custom solutions for, and providing excellent service to, my clients is my passion. I thrive on results and will not take, “No” for an answer which means I’m no stranger to embracing the latest technology mixed with a little creativity to “wow” my clients.   And you can’t do that without a phenomenal team supporting you at every step, which is why I focus on hiring and training the best and brightest professionals around.

There is always a solution. You have to look harder to find it sometimes.”

My Dad

Fun Facts about Jami:

  • I love to spend time with my family and travel
  • When not in the office, I wish I was seeing the world
  • If I could only eat one food for the rest of my life, it would be seafood
  • I believe deeply in God and family and living life to the fullest
  • I could not survive without water
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